On the day I met my husband of 15+ years, he told me he was going to marry me one day. He also promised me a chocolate lab and a white picket fence. While I’m allergic to dogs, I wish I had that picket fence. If I did, I would lean over it and share some exciting news with you. I would tell you that one week from today, Moody Publishers will release my new book “Relational Reset: Unlearning the Habits that Hold You Back.” Despite there being no picket fence to chat about this over, I am so excited to get this resource in your hands. Not only might it help you in your personal relationships, but it may also serve as a helpful resource for your family, friends, clients, church or Bible study members, and more. As you learn how to change the habits that harm your relationships, not only will your relationships improve, but you will model new attitudes and behaviors for others. As a result, they too can improve their relationships. My prayer is that as a result of this book, people will find their identity in Christ rather than others, improve their relationship with Him, and improve the relationships that God has placed them in. Would you mind leaning over your proverbial fence, and share with your loved ones and social media friends about Relational Reset? Oh, and pre-order your copy today or pick it up on February 5th at your local book store.