The Surprising Thing I’m Learning to Love

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The Surprising Thing I’m Learning to Love

Anyone who knows me will be surprised by what I am learning to love. Especially my friends who had the <ahem> “pleasure” of being in zumba class with me.  After huffing and puffing my way through a few of those high energy moves, I would have to take a  break. But I was the only one sitting on the sidelines. I think the real problem is that I have always hated exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I know exercise is a good, really necessary part of life. I have just been more of a fan of activities that happen to be exercise at the same time, such as dance classes. That’s actually why I tried zumba…because it incorporate dance. And while I adored the smiling face of the zumba instructor, these classes were much tougher than most of my dance classes because they were non-stop, high energy, start to finish. And I simply could not hang.

 But then…

I decided yet again to join a gym. And I started going. But I still didn’t like it. Until…

1) I realized that it was really helping reduce my stress level and 2) I found a friend that would go with me. Regarding #1, I told clients for YEARS that they should exercise regularly. There is plenty of scientific evidence that exercise helps improve mood and mental health. Even the Center for Disease Control recognizes this (!

I have always been aware of the benefits and even recognized them for myself, but lately, it has been even more apparent. I am more motivated to engage in the dreaded “E” word knowing that it really does help reduce anxiety and increase those feel good endorphins. Regarding #2, y’all, time really does fly when you are working out with a friend. And talk about multi-tasking! You are able to catch up with a friend while also getting physically and emotionally healthier. Score! What’s funny is that even when I wind up at the gym by myself, I find that I am more used to exercising longer and am able to hang in there by myself. Go me. Go YOU!

There are so many benefits of exercise. And I know many of us don’t actually like exercise, but most of us love how it makes us feel. So, yeah, I am learning to love exercise. And for your own emotional wellness, I encourage you to try and fall in love with it too. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll even try zumba again one day…

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