sacrifices to an evil god

On my personal Facebook page, I’ve written quite a lot about the recent undercover videos taken of Planned Parenthood and their harvesting and selling of baby body parts. (If you haven’t seen them, just search the internet for them.) It occurred to me tonight that I have not written publicly about this, and that I need to. Why? Because one of the primary reasons adoption is so near to my heart is because abortion breaks my heart.

After all, abortion stops a beating heart. An unborn baby’s heart starts beating at 18 days after conception, typically before a mama even knows there is life inside her womb. And, yet, it is completely legal to stop these hearts. Listen, I won’t go into the gruesome details about abortion in this post, but make no mistake that as the pregnancy progresses, the methods to kill the unborn baby become more and more gruesome. What I can’t understand is why anyone would be a part of this.


What continues to scroll through my mind is 1 Timothy 6:10, which reads, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” No, money is not the root of all evil…but the love of money is. You see, once you put money above everything else, you have made it a god and you are willing to sacrifice anything for this god. Unbelievably so, people are willing to sacrifice unborn babies for this god.

What is really tragic is that Planned Parenthood and other abortion “clinics” promote abortion. They fight against showing ultrasounds because they know this information sways a woman’s decision. So much for a woman’s right to choose. So much for informed consent. So much for life. And, of course they promote abortion…this is how they make money. There is no money in referring someone to an adoption agency. Look at the numbers: 327,653 to 1,880. Those are Planned Parenthood numbers for abortions versus adoption referrals …per year.

If you don’t believe it’s all about the money, look up Carol Everett. She became rich off of abortions, until her conscience could not stand the convictions any longer and she left the industry. Thank God she has now devoted her life to the pro-life movement.

Pro-choice folks claim they care about women, and that this is why they support a woman’s right to choose. They used to say the baby is not a baby, but many have turned away from that tired rhetoric. They claim the baby cannot survive without the woman and that no woman should be held captive. (I guess they forget about the 18+ years after birth!) If they care so much about women, how can they ignore the 2011 meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Psychiatry that reports post-abortive women are at an 81% increased risk of developing mental health problems? Yet they continue to claim that abortion should remain legal for the rape exception (although pregnancy as a result of rape is rare) and for women to be able to kill their unborn child if it is disabled (so much for the fact that disability can happen at any point in life and no humane person would support killing a child who becomes disabled after birth). They even claim that this is out of compassion for the woman AND the child. How sick, in particular when the overwhelming majority of sweet babies with downs syndrome are aborted. THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR!

Aren’t you tired of this? I most certainly am. This is NOT about condemning women who had made this choice. The past is just that…the past…it cannot be changed. However, we CAN do something about the present and the future. We can and should fight to defund Planned Parenthood. NO tax dollars should support this holocaust. We can and should support pro-life ministries and adoption agencies. We can and should PRAY and MINISTER to women in crisis pregnancies. OH, and we should not be afraid to speak out about the benefits of abstinence outside of marriage. THIS is the only fool- proof way to prevent pregnancy.

Friends, we should be willing to stand up on behalf of the most vulnerable. These unborn children are relying on their mothers, and yet because of choice or coercion, at the hands of the mother and the abortionists, they are being killed by the millions. What a sad testimony to our society. That a woman’s right to not take responsibility is more important than the life growing inside of her…wow…there are hardly any words to describe the sadness I feel deep within my soul over this abomination.

The pro-choice community certainly does not care about the unborn…when will the pro-life community? Like Dr. Seuss said, “A person’s a person no matter how small!”

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The Hidden Epidemic – Part II

If you haven’t read Part I of this blog series, check it out HERE.

So you now realize that perhaps you are suffering due to trauma. Maybe you knew it all along, but did not know how or where to seek help.

Either way, breathe a sigh of relief.

You are not going “crazy.” You are reacting in a way that could even be considered normal, given the abnormal circumstances that led you to this place. Unfortunately, trauma is common…numerous sources indicate 60-70% of people experience a trauma in their lives. Sometimes we don’t even recognize an event as trauma. Fortunately, most people who face a trauma do not develop PTSD. For those that do, there are a number of evidence-based forms of psychotherapy. What does it mean if something is evidence based? It means research shows it works! It is effective at reducing symptoms and impact of trauma. To learn more about these, visit the National Center for PTSD HERE.

That being said, even if you have not yet developed PTSD, you could still be impacted by your trauma. Your trauma may still need to be processed in a safe, healthy environment so that your resulting symptoms can diminish. Yes, there is hope for decreased guilt and shame, improved sleep, decreased depression, improved mood, decreased anxiety and panic attacks, improved relationships, decreased hypervigilance and hyper-startle response, and more.

Breathe another sigh of relief!

If you believe you have experienced a trauma and are suffering as a result, you can and should seek the help of a licensed mental health professional. The sooner the better! If you’re thinking to yourself, “Where do I turn?” I recommend several considerations:

1) If you are a veteran, you should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs. Their website can be found HERE.

2) You can search the Internet for therapists in your community, seeking someone who specializes in trauma. There are private therapists, therapists in state agencies, therapists in hospitals, etc.

3) If you are seeking Christian integration, I recommend you search HERE. Yes, Christian, you can merge your faith in Jesus Christ with your mental health treatment. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on that too…

4) Finally, there are some books you can read and workbooks you can utilize that can be of great help. Just remember that sometimes you need more than a book, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. My go-to is The PTSD Workbook by Mary Beth Williams and Soili Poijula. It can be found HERE. There are numerous others, including Christian books, that can be found through a simple amazon search.

I hope and pray some of this information is useful. That you are able to see more clearly this hidden epidemic and the impact it may be having on you or someone you love. If you are thinking of someone else, share these posts with them. Support them in getting help and stand by them through recovery. And remember, hope and help awaits you.

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The Hidden Epidemic – Part I

You keep waking up in the middle of the night feeling afraid. Maybe you can’t even get to sleep…at least not without the lights on.

You startle easily, and it may have even become a joke among those around you.

You can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

You worry. You feel sad. You feel guilt.

You try to cope the best you can…some of your coping skills aren’t healthy, but you just don’t know what else to do.

And, the worse part is, you don’t even know why you are suffering.

As you think about your life and experiences, it never crosses your mind to think about when this all started to happen. But, as you start to reflect on this, you realize…

It was after a car accident.

Or after a loved one died tragically.

Or after a tough medical diagnosis or procedure.

We often hear about the impact of trauma after combat experiences or sexual assaults, and to be sure those can be very traumatic experiences. But, what about other difficult events? Can you be traumatized as a result? The simple and short answer is YES.

This is not just about meeting the diagnostic criteria for PTSD. In fact, most people who go through a traumatic experience don’t develop PTSD. For those that do, there is effective, evidence-based treatment. However, there are other problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that develop after a traumatic experience that don’t necessarily fit neatly into the PTSD box. You can still have a negative reaction.

This is the hidden epidemic of trauma.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you questioning what in the world is going on with you? Wondering why you are plagued day in and day out? Is it possible you’ve experienced a trauma that is impacting you more than you realized? If so, know that there is hope and help.

Stay tuned for Part II…

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