January 2015 Adoption Update

Last Sunday, January 18, was Sanctity of Life Sunday, and pastors all over the country preached about issues related to preservation of life from conception to natural death. On Thursday, January 22, the annual March for Life rally was held in Washington, DC commemorating the 42nd year of Roe vs. Wade, and hundreds of thousands of people once again braved to cold to stand up for the right to life. It excites me that there is such interest in this critical issue!

As I was reflecting on what to write about this topic, the Lord impressed upon my heart to simply share an adoption update as this is the way God has lead us to support life. Since the last blog update in September, we have had more faithful people partner with us on our journey through prayer and financial investment. And we are so incredibly grateful! The agency we are working with continues to minister to women and couples in unplanned pregnancies, and placed seven infants in 2014. Below are our ongoing prayer requests related to the adoption.


~Pray for the birth parents (primarily mothers) who are choosing life for their children. Pray that God will lead them to the right parents for their child. Pray for these birth parents and their families as they grieve the loss they will experience.

~Pray for the staff and volunteers of Family Life Services as they work with both birth parents and adoptive parents. We all want what is best for everyone.

~Pray that if a child is placed with us, it will be in accordance with God’s timing and will. Please also pray that the relationship with the birth family will be as smooth as possible.

~Pray for emotional peace during this season of waiting and uncertainty.

~Pray that our finances will come together for the placement. If you are willing to help support us during this special time in our lives, there are two ways to give (see below). Please know that we appreciate gifts of any amount!

1) We have set up an account through Pure Charity. This allows your gift to be tax deductible. All funds will be sent directly from Pure Charity to Family Life Services at the time of placement. Please follow this link to donate online: https://www.purecharity.com/shaler-adoption

2) We know that some prefer to write a check directly to us, so we have set up a savings account specifically for our adoption fundraiser. If you would prefer to donate in this manner and do not have our mailing address, please send private communication and I will get that to you.

Thank-you for joining with us in whatever way you are able. We are thrilled about the possibility that 2015 may be the year that our family grows through love! ☺

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Counting the Costs

It’s been an interesting week. From a lecture on engaging a post-modern culture to witnessing a bill pass on the floor of the House of Representatives to a sermon on counting the costs to follow Jesus…my head is spinning! And, yet, I realized there is an intersection where all of these things meet. And I realized that it costs a lot to follow Jesus. To seek and do His will regardless of what the world around us is shouting at us to do. This is a major challenge, and yet I believe it is one that Christians must rise to.

And that means all Christians.

I read this article recently about a man who was speaking, supposedly, on behalf of those that are leaving the church, but not leaving the faith. He lists a number of issues “they” have with the church (which, let’s not forget, is made up of mere humans.) I hear him on some points. Disagree on others. But, none of that matters in relation to the question I am about to ask:

Wouldn’t it be radical if those that want to leave decide to stay and be a part of the solution?

To me, this is counting the costs and following Jesus anyway. Realizing that in a world where everything is becoming more and more relative, we have been given a voice and can (and should!) use that voice even when it is difficult. Even when people, gulp, disagree with us.

It’s not easy. Jesus knew that. He lived that. But, I believe that is why He calls us to evaluate this for ourselves and, in the end, if we are going to be His disciples, we must take up our cross daily and follow Him. And only Him. There is only one type of follower of Jesus. Are you one?

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Winter Tips

Hello! Hope your 2015 is off to a great start! Thought what I shared last January might be helpful right about now: Tips for the winter and/or post-holiday blues. Check it out and feel free to share your own tips! http://www.drlaurelshaler.com/what-to-do-about-post-holiday-blues/ PS: I would like to add…WATCH THE MOVIE “FROZEN” :)

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